Techno Acoustic Tower

Techno Acoustic Tower is manufactured from Shredded flakes and fibers derived from end-of-life products & production offcuts as in-fill


Sustainability has been a core value since the inception of Techno Ceiling Products. The Company focuses on constant research and development in its operations and product offerings to continually evolve into a sustainable solution provider, sustainability being the essence of everything it does. From being the first manufacturer of Acoustic Non-Woven Polyester Fiber Panel products in India to manufacturing PET Acoustic panels with upto 80% recycled content – the Company has been setting the benchmark in the industry.

Sustainability is deeply rooted throughout the operations of Techno Ceiling Products, from procurement of raw materials which are predominantly recycled, design process all the way through to production processes with Zero Waste and manufacturing Acoustic Panels which are 100% recyclable at the end of its useful life. Therefore, the Company has developed a Circular Economy Strategy for a sustainable future.

Techno Acoustic has introduced an innovative product under the label – Techno Acoustic Towers which are the high-performance sound absorbing freestanding Towers, which are in-filled with the flakes and fibers from taken back panel products (end-of-life products) and production offcuts, this has helped us in repurposing 100% of post-industrial waste of our Acoustic Panels into new a product. Techno Acoustic Towers have exceptional sound absorbing properties and are aesthetically appealing. While these innovative Techno Acoustic Towers enhance acoustic comfort, they help the company in closing the material cycle by making effective use of end-of- life products and production offcuts.

With the acceptance of Techno Acoustic Towers in the market, the Company is able to achieve its commitment of being a sustainable company manufacturing environmentally friendly products from recycled raw-material and products being recyclable at the end of useful life.

The Sustainability Process of Techno Acoustic

Sustainability at Techno Acoustic has been a matter of choice and by design. Right from procurement to production process to supplies to the project site and taking care of end-of-life products for recycling, sustainability has been the core. This passion for being a sustainable product manufacturer has helped in devising a circular economy strategy for closing the loop.

The sustainability process of Techno Acoustic is listed out as follows:

  • Material-Recycling PET

All raw materials are sustainably sourced from carefully selected vendors within the Country. Polyester fibers are procured from RCS certified vendors.

  • Manufacturing Process

Techno Acoustic™ Panel utilizes lean manufacturing processes to be as efficient as possible throughout the production process. Each project is custom plotted out in order to minimize waste and reduce machine time to reduce electricity consumption. Samples are also cut from scrap material. Machines are inspected on a regular interval to ensure optimal performance and minimal energy consumption. Minimal water is used during the manufacturing process.

  • Waste Management

After the lean manufacturing process, production offcuts are shredded and converted into fibers and used in successive batches. Waste is also minimized by using scrap panels as acoustic enhancers and spacers wherever applicable (non-visible support elements).

  • Circular Product – Recycled and Recyclable

New and innovative products are developed for achieving Zero Waste. Techno Acoustic Tower – an innovative product with superior sound absorption and zero waste is introduced. With the Zero Waste target, Techno Acoustic™ products are taken back at end-of-life and shredded into flakes and dense fibers. These flakes and dense fibers are filled inside the Techno Acoustic Tower, this increases the acoustic comfort and closes the material cycle of Techno Acoustic products. The monolith shape with homogeneous surface achieves outstanding sound absorption values, ensures acoustic well-being and vibrant colour adds to the room aesthetics.

  • Packaging

Techno Acoustic™ uses eco-friendly packaging material made of recycled corrugated packaging material and recycled plastic. The packing material is also recyclable

  • Shipping & Logistics

All shipments are carefully planned to maximize efficiency as much as possible. Shipments are bundled to reduce the number of freight pick-ups at our manufacturing facility. Rush deliveries are also kept to a minimum in an effort to reduce CO2 emission levels.

  • Product Maintenance

Techno Acoustic™ panel products are inherently easy to maintain. They can be wiped down with a damp cloth or vacuumed as needed. If a stain does appear, warm water and soap can be used to gently blot the area affected.

  • VOC Free Product

Techno Acoustic™ panel products are zero VOC (volatile organic compounds); Free of formaldehyde, Phenol, ammonia, Zero chloride (non-corrosive) and Zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential)

  • Industry Leading Certification

Techno Acoustic™ panel products are certified with various prestigious Industry leading certifications

Recycled Claim Standard (2.0) - RCS Certified

Fire Classification

Acoustic Performance

ISO 9001 : 2015 – QMS

ISO 14001: 2015 – EMS

Process flow of recycling and re-purposing end-of-life products and production offcut waste of Techno Acoustic™ pet panel products

Techno Acoustic™ pet panel products recycling process

Step 1

Production Offcuts and End-of life products are gathered.

Step 2

Gathered End-of-life products & production offcuts are Shredded into flakes for reuse as infill in Techno Acoustic Towers

Step 3

Part of the flakes further extracted into fine fiber for re-use in successive batches and infill in Techno Acoustic Tower

Step 4

Final Product – Techno Acoustic Tower is manufactured.
Shredded flakes and fibers derived from end-of-life products & production offcuts as in-fill.
This closes the material cycle and makes our products truly sustainable!