Unit Factory

The Unit

The Techno AcousticTM guarantee comes with our in-house, state of the art, automated manufacturing facility. Spread over 100000 sq. ft with constant, proactive upgrades as far as equipment and technology are concerned, we possess the capability to produce acoustic panels of any shape, size, design and color. Timely delivery is never a problem, given our immense 25000-30000 per day sq.ft production capacity. Our personnel possess an intimate understanding of the product from its inception, to implementation. In-house laser cutting, grooving and printing capabilities additionally bolster our ability to provide the exact specifications and today, we are proud to declare that our products can be efficiently provided to the USA, Australia, the UAE and the UK.


Our Unique Technology

Highly Technical Product

Our personnel have an end-to-end understanding of the product and its capabilities, where other fly-by-night outfits/middlemen struggle.

Delivery Issues

Controlling the manufacturing process enables us to deliver in a timely, proactive fashion.

Customization Guarantee

We eliminate a lot of precious time while ensuring that your vision is accurately implemented with a host of personalization capabilities.

Availability and Range

Since we do not depend on other agencies for sourcing our product, the sheer range and product stock we can provide is second to none.