Techno Acoustic Wooden Slats

Introducing Techno Acoustic Wooden Slats, Manufactured for the first time in India A make in India initiative by Techno Acoustics These are aesthetically appealing, high performance and durable sound absorptive wall panels. Larger than the conventional panel, this versatile variant envelops areas and provides acoustic enclosures without the feeling of confinement. Can prudently divide spaces without adding a drab/dour effect, lending a certain uniqueness to existing built environments. These panels provide endless interior decorating ideas for enhancing interior aesthetics.



10mm Nonwoven Polyster Acoustic Panels + 11 mm Wooden Slat


Cell Size

600 mm x 2400 mm



180 kg/m3


Sound Absorption

Up to 0.9NRC



Non-Woven Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel


Follow the below steps : 


    • Attach the slats directly to the wall/ceiling at a distance of 600 mm.


    • Use screws to mount the wood panel walls directly to the slats. We recommend using 35mm x 3.5mm black screws secured through a felt backing.


    • The panels can be easily cut to the right width using a regular hand saw, while the acoustic felt can be cut vertically using a utility knife.


    • For the best acoustic solution, you can place insulation between the slats.



Available in any wood finish species, these panels also allow you to customise the stripe and pitch sizes, making them as wide or narrow as required.